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Fashion Chain PRIMARK Comes to Austria

21.12.2011 - New anchor tenant for SILLPARK Innsbruck: Fashion retailer PRIMARK is coming to Austria. In late summer 2012, the affordable fashion of the clothing giant will be available at the SILLPARK Shopping Center in Innsbruck. This has been reported by Mag. Marcus Wild, Chief Executive Officer for SES – the operator of SILLPARK - on Wednesday, 21 December 2011, stating: "PRIMARK has been the most successful clothing provider in Europe for years and next year its success story will come to Austria." The secret of success for PRIMARK lies in its unique combination of high quality contemporary fashion with efficient service and exceptional value.
The new anchor tenant will occupy the former Cosmos location in SILLPARK's second floor and renovations have already begun.
SILLPARK attracts customers from Verona to Munich. PRIMARK is the innovative star of the fashion industry and, as a rule, attracts customers from up to approx. 250 km away. "With over 4,000 m² of retail space in the SILLPARK shopping center, this is the quintessential anchor store location. It has the ability to positively influence the flow of customers and to improve long-term regional purchasing power." reported Marcus Wild. Wild anticipates that PRIMARK customers will be drawn to the store – in the truest sense of the word – from as far away as Verona and Munich.
SILLPARK-Anticipating high footfall
Innsbruck was opened as the first downtown shopping center in Innsbruck in 1990 and the location was expanded in 2007. It is considered a very well-established retail location. After Cosmos closed its doors, potential tenants for the expansive location were strategically selected so as to assure future success. Helmuth Hochfilzer, Center Manager of SILLPARK, praised the decision: "We are convinced that the new anchor tenant PRIMARK will assist SILLPARK in the coming the most popular downtown shopping center in Tyrol."
The PRIMARK Line-Comprehensive, Trendy and Price Conscious
The comprehensive fashion and textile lines of the fashion giant include women's, men's and children's clothing as well as accessories and home textiles. The combination of top quality and affordable price has resulted in their other locations being exceptionally popular and heavily frequented. At the same time, the fashion giant PRIMARK requires its providers to adhere to a strict code of conduct and supports them in doing so.
The PRIMARK Success Story and Flagship Store on Oxford Street in London
PRIMARK is a division of the Associated Britsh Food Group.
The first store opened in 1969 in Ireland under the name Penneys. In 1973 the PRIMARK label entered the market in Great Britain. The company has been actively expanding throughout continental Europe since 2006 with locations in Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal and Belgium. Is also active in Germany with five locations. Its well-known flagship stores can be found in Manchester, Liverpool and London on Oxford Street. The history of PRIMARK has been remarkably successful from the very beginning.
PRIMARK stores are known for their high quality construction and popular contemporary fashion. Its largest stores boast up to 100 cash registers that service up to 10,000 customers each and every day.
At the end of 2011, PRIMARK enjoys 232 locations in seven countries. During the fiscal year of 2010/2011, revenue rose from £2.73 billion (3.19 billion Euro) to £3.04 billion Pounds, according to special media reports.
Most Significant Store Openings in SES Shopping Centers
With the successful contract negotiation with PRIMARK, the list of brands that have celebrated their retail location premieres in SES Shopping Centers will be joined by yet another big name. Marcus Wild remarked. 
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PRIMARK is the innovative star of the fashion industry. Its well-known flagship stores can be found in Manchester, Liverpool and London on Oxford Street.
PRIMARK is the innovative star of the fashion industry. Its well-known flagship stores can be found in Manchester, Liverpool and London on Oxford Street.