Europark Salzburg

In addition to its excellent shop mix, EUROPARK Salzburg offers public facilities and services like a police station, a post office, and a pharmacy. EUROPARK thus fulfills a local supply function for the district. The year-round day-care center promotes a positive work/family balance for shop partners and center associates.

Art and culture play an important role in EUROPARK’s strategic positioning. The power of spectacular architecture is immediately palpable in the center. Its exceptional design is the work of Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas. The center created an artistic and cultural treasure in 2005: the OVAL—EUROPARK’s stage. The OVAL features theater and dance performances, cabaret, concerts, and cinema. The sculpture “The Tree” by American artist Jonathan Borofsky and the bronze sculpture “Affentor 1” by Jörg Immendorff on the EUROPARK grounds call attention to the center’s proximity to art and culture even from afar.