State-of-the-art Music Design for a Relaxed Shopping Experience



Interview with MG Sound Studios Vienna Managing Directors Martin Böhm and Ludwig Coss. Via its cooperations with internationally renowned music specialists, SES creates hand-picked musical experiences in its shopping centers. Not only during the festive season.

How does the term “hand-picked” fit to your work?

Martin Böhm ››› We arrange the music for the SES malls on an individual basis. No computer program can be customized to cater to people’s emotional needs. We constantly search for new music, and then we create the playlists based on our selections, always making sure that they match the shopping centers and the mood of the day and that the volume is suitable for the music we are playing.

What is the perfect music mix for a shopping center?

Martin Böhm ››› It should arouse curiosity, be surprising and diverse, but it should also decelerate and give the customers a sense of welcome. Everybody is familiar with the songs that we use, but they have been newly interpreted.

The selected songs are intended to steer clear of the monotony of mainstream music, always played at the same volume. What is the music specialist’s secret ingredient?

Ludwig Coss ››› Music is all about dramaturgy. As with each good movie, music at the mall is moved to the foreground without being overpowering. That way, it is consciously perceived and does not simply wash over the visitors. This does, however, require high-quality sound systems. This investment by SES can be both heard and felt.