Corporate Social Responsibility

What we do for people.

Our employees are our most important success factors; we create jobs in each region and are a platform for local retailers. As neighborhood centers, we offer the people of each respective region the most important products and services required for everyday life. SES is also a social partner for many associations, schools, and institutions, and it is a popular meeting place as well. As a place of work, our centers have the necessary infrastructure and programs for the employees who work for our retail partners.

Best Practice: It’s All About the People.

Regional Focus Is Key to Success

Emotion-packed moments connect the SES centers to their respective regions and the people who live there. Every single SES shopping center assumes social responsibility – be it through long-term cooperation with regional associations, unforgettable events, or various charity campaigns. In 2021, a total of more than 700,000 euros was donated to / raised for local associations and charitable causes across all SES centers.

Focus on Families and Services

We have been focused on top services at all center locations across six countries for a number of years, from emergency diaper services to wheelchair rentals. The fact that services have become increasingly important is also reflected in the successful figures reported by the SES children’s adventure world Planet Lollipop locations. Planet Lollipop is managed as a private label in Austria and Slovenia. The Mini Lollipop indoor play areas for children up to four years of age, which were introduced in 2016, are also very popular. SES offers activities for children at all locations.

Shopping Meets Art & Culture

The focus of the company’s social engagement is on art, culture, architecture, and social issues. That includes cooperation with architects as well as support for cultural and art-related projects at various center locations. SES has successfully operated its own art and culture stage – the OVAL – at EUROPARK Salzburg since 2005, making it a pioneer in the field.

Best Practice: It’s All about Employees.

Our teams are our trump cards.

At SES, the success factor is its workforce: Flat hierarchies, quick decisions, and direct communication make independent work possible. People are at the center of our daily activities. We develop and operate our shopping centers for them – the visitors, the consumers, and our retail partners. Long-term cooperations in coordination with the municipalities are part of our strategy for sustainable success. Each shopping center is, therefore, managed by a local, committed management team, which, in turn, is supported by SES headquarters. Our local management teams are the contact points for retail partners and engage in active dialog with our customers.

Work-life Balance

SES also ensures a family-friendly environment for employees at each of its shopping centers. To that end, corporate childcare facilities that are open throughout the entire year have been opened at individual center locations in order to make it easier for retail employees to reconcile work and family life. High-quality childcare facilities are available for the children of the customers, the employees of retail partners, and the company’s own employees.

Our Portfolio

SES manages 31 shopping locations in Central and Southern Europe.