RIED, Austria


Downtown Location

Extraordinary Architectural Design

Historically Rooted

Largest Photovoltaics System within the Group

First-class Restaurants with outdoor seating

Event location

50 Shops Featuring Strong Brands

When WEBERZEILE in Ried im Innkreis was opened in 2015, a new benchmark was set. The shopping center blends in with the city via its architecture and location, and it creates viable commercial structures on site. SES opened the downtown shopping center at a traditional retail location, which is within walking distance to the historic city center of the Upper Austrian regional capital. The center’s name reflects its roots: The road on which WEBERZEILE is located today bore the same name as early as the 18th century, which translates to “Weaver’s Road” in English. Then, the street was mainly occupied by members of the textile dying trade as well as linen weavers, who shaped the city and its inhabitants for many centuries. Today, WEBERZEILE honors its roots and builds a bridge between tradition and the modern world. From the beginning, WEBERZEILE and the city center of Ried engaged in constructive cooperation in order to create a meeting point that inspires people. One of the synergies thus created is the joint gift certificate: the “Rieder Schwanthaler Zehner”. In 2020, WEBERZEILE commissioned its own 520 kWp photovoltaics system on its roof, generating its own, sustainable solar energy and reducing nearly 128 tons of CO2 in the process.

Transport Infrastructure

The shopping center is connected to the local road networks and is situated close to the A8 “Ried” exit. WEBERZEILE can be reached on foot or by bike via an extensive path network.

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Catchment Area

  • up to 15 min.
    approx. 60,000 inhabitants

  • up to 30 min.
    approx. 210,000 inhabitants

  • up to 45 min.
    approx. 500,000 inhabitants

Facts & Figures


Weberzeile 1, 4910 Ried, Austria

Leasable area (GLA)

22.000 m2

Number of Jobs

approx. 470



Anchor Stores

EUROSPAR, Hervis, Kastner & Öhler, Media Markt, H&M, Müller, DM, Humanic, Thalia

Project History

Start of Construction: September 2013, Opening: 28 August 2015

Parking Spaces

approx. 800 extra-wide underground parking spaces

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM, Sat: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM,
EUROSPAR* Mon – Fri: 7:15 AM – 7:30 PM,
Sat: 7:15 AM – 6:00 PM
* subject to changes due to special opening hours

Special Facilities

PLANET LOLLIPOP, Mini Lollipop, e-filling station

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  • Architectural Highlight

    The center features distinctive architecture.

  • Central Location

    The department store is conveniently located in the downtown area.

  • Childcare

    Supervised play area for children

  • Industrial Location

    The center is located in an area that comprises a large number of industrial and commercial enterprises.

  • Regional Capital

    The center is located in a regional capital.

  • The “Zehner” Gift Certificate

    Cross-center gift certificate, valid at 13 national SES centers.

International Award Winner