SES Spar European Shopping Centers


In what countries is SES active?

We operate in six countries: Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Croatia. We have no current plans to expand into further countries.

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I would like to open a shop at an SES center. Who can I contact?

Our leasing experts look forward to hearing from you at Please see the link below for additional information.

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I would like to carry out a promotional campaign in an SES center. Who can I contact?

The mall areas of all our centers are managed by the SES marketing team. Click here for further information and the contact form:

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I would like to become part of the SES team. Are you currently recruiting?

Please refer to our careers page for further information and a list of current vacancies.

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Is SES active as an investor?

Yes, we are also active as investors. For any issues relating to financing and holdings, please contact our asset management experts at Click here for an overview of our Investment & Asset Management activities.

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In what fields is SES active as a service provider?

In all core areas: development of retail properties, construction, leasing of shop areas, and center management. Click here for an overview of our business fields.

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How can I contact the center teams on site?

Click here for an overview of our shopping locations.

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Please note that a lot of our activities are managed centrally, from leasing of shop areas and strategic marketing to center service contracts. Click here to find the right contact partner for the respective fields.

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I am a service provider and would like to present my company. Who can I contact?

For facility management, please contact us at Click here for an overview of contact partners for all business fields.

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How is SES connected to SPAR?

SES Spar European Shopping Centers is part of the SPAR Austria Group. SES was founded as an independent Group company in 2007.

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