Vienna, Austria


Managed shopping street

In a joint venture with the City of Vienna, SES was commissioned to develop a local supply concept and implement the first managed shopping street in Austria in the new Aspern district of Vienna.

Innovative development: the retail space of tomorrow

District development is a topic with a future—aspern Seestadt Vienna is a successful example.

Extension of the Seeparkquartier

With the new Seeparkquartier, Austria's first managed shopping street will be expanded to over 7,000 m² and 28 shops by 2021.

Transport infrastructure

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Maria-Tusch-Straße, 1220 Vienna

Leasable area (GLA)

7,000 m² of retail, catering, and services (phases I + II)

Number of stores

Phase I Maria Tusch Straße, Phase II Seeparkquartier: 28 shops

Parking spaces

approx. 450

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Architectural highlight

Local supplier

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