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People are the focus in everything we do: They are the standard by which we judge a center’s performance and work to optimize it further. We measure ourselves not only on well-known characteristics like sales per square meter or footfall numbers, but observe the attitude of visitors to every mall. We use these insights to derive necessary refinements.

Regional identity: Each of our shopping centers is unique and offers its own individual strengths and potential. Active participation in the life of the city is a matter of course for our center management teams. Our goal is to be number one in each region we operate in and to be the talk of the town with our activities and events. We network with our target groups on all channels.

Our goal is to achieve as many “smiles per square meter” from our visitors and shop partners as possible. Each site hosts a motivated center management team consisting of specialists in various areas. 

This is how we work in center management



million visitors in 2018

Center management’s main task is selling frequency. In 2018, SES had about 108 million visitors to its 30 locations.


Shop partners

Nearly 1.000 different shop partners are active in SES’s 30 shopping locations, many of them in several SES centers.



SES provides jobs for shop partners: Around 18.000 people are employed in SES’s shopping centers.

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Christoph Andexlinger
Head of Center Management

Tel.: +43 (0) 662 4471


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